Saturday, December 24, 2005

Spying Broader Than Bush Admitted….

As patriotic Americans continue to come forward, we learn more and more how little regard Bush has for the U.S. Constitution. Bush originally claimed domestic spying was “limited to people with known links to al-Qaida.” However, another Bush lie has been uncovered.

In the tradition of Richard Nixon, Bush directed the National Security Agency to intercept, without warrant, oversight or limitation, thousands of domestic and international communications, many from citizens who had no link to al-Qaida.

The larger question is: Who facilitated Bush’s totalitarian power grab? The answer: Corporate America!

The NSA, with help from American telecommunications companies, obtained access to streams of domestic and international communications, said the Times in the report late Friday, citing unidentified current and former government officials.”

The Trojan horse has gained entry, and the barbarians now guard our gates:


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