Sunday, January 29, 2006

Republicans allow Iraq to squander, while Louisiana dies…..

  • South-central city of Hillah being “awash in bricks of $100 BILLS taken from a central vault without documentation;”

  • $700,000 IN CASH in an unlocked footlocker;

  • A U.S. soldier gambles “away as much as $60,000 in reconstruction funds in the Philippines;”

  • Bush administration “unable to account for $97 MILLION of the $120 MILLION in Iraqi oil revenues earmarked for rebuilding projects;”

  • Bush administration “spent $108,140 to replace pumps and fix the city's Olympic swimming pool” in Hillah;

  • Bush administration allows two “authority field agents responsible for paying contractors [to leave] without accounting for more than $700,000 EACH;”

  • “Mismanagement of more than 2,000 small contracts in south-central Iraq worth $88 MILLION;”

  • Bush administration pays one contractor “$14,000 on four separate occasions for the same job;”

  • $7.3 MILLION spent on a “police academy near Hillah,” but auditors “could account for just $4 MILLION…$1.3 MILLION was “wasted on overpriced or duplicate construction or equipment not delivered and “More than $2 million was missing;”

  • U.S. personnel "needlessly disbursed more than $1.8 MILLION" of the estimated $2.3 MILLION spent for renovating the library in the Shiite holy city of Karbala;

  • Library contractor “delivered only 18 of 68 personal computers called for and did not install Internet wiring or software;”

  • Bush administration” security transition command spent $945,000 for seven armored Mercedes-Benzes that were too lightly armored for Iraq. Auditors were able to account for only six of the cars;”

  • An agent “took $100,000 FROM ANOTHER'S STACK of cash to clear his own balance.”

Mr. President, you’re killing Louisiana!

Next time Louisiana: VOTE DEMOCRAT!


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