Monday, April 17, 2006

Dysfunctional conservatives: Nebraska moves toward segregated schools…

The bizarre conservative circus that began performing in the 80s has reached its desired crescendo. With the help of Ernie Chambers, the only African-American in its legislature, Nebraska moves toward segregated schools:

“Nebraska's 49-member, nonpartisan Legislature approved the measure by a vote of 31 to 16, with Mr. Chambers's support and with the votes of 30 conservative lawmakers from affluent white suburbs and ranching counties with a visceral dislike of the Omaha school bureaucracy. Gov. Dave Heineman, a Republican facing a tough primary fight, said he did not consider the measure segregationist and immediately signed it.”
The measure calls for “dividing the Omaha public schools into three racially identifiable districts, one largely black, one white and one mostly Hispanic.”

Watch out! Here comes, Jim Crow!


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