Thursday, May 11, 2006

The determined killing of Joseph Clark....

Determined, an adj., meaning: Marked by or showing determination…resolute… decided or resolved, as in: “was engaged in a protracted struggle with a determined enemy.”

Determined to get drug money, Joseph Clark killed David Manning. The day before he killed Manning, determined to rob a store, Clark killed a store clerk. Joseph Clark was determined man – determined to kill Manning, determined to rob a store, and determined to kill the store clerk.

When the State of Ohio got its turn, it was determined – determined to kill Joseph Clark.

Determined to kill effectively, Ohio’s execution team anticipated special problems in killing Joseph Clark. One member of the execution team admitted, we knew Clark’s veins "were not going to be easy to find." Determined to succeed, Ohio’s execution team struggled to find a vein in Clark’s arm. Finally, success! And, then Clark’s vein collapsed.

Determined to assist in his own killing, Clark pushed himself up from his gurney saying, "It don't work."

Determined to die for Ohio’s execution team, Clark offered a solution. "
Can you just give me something by mouth to end this?" Clark asked his killers.

Determined not to be embarrassed, a member of Ohio’s execution team explained, we “tried to administer the lethal drugs through the first shunt by mistake.”

Determined not to hide the error, Ohio officials explained, “The vein simply collapsed — that wasn't a flaw in the process."

Then, Joseph Clark died.


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