Monday, June 12, 2006

Bush administration continues international downward spiral:Chilean President Defies US Pressure to Oppose Venezuela's Security Council Bid...

The Bush administration is feeling stiff resistance internationally. The latest obstacle: Chile. Roger Burbach reports:

"President Michelle Bachelet came to Washington on Thursday for a one day whirl wind trip that included a meeting with George Bush. Both exchanged pleasantries after the meeting, neither referring to the heavy-handed efforts of the Bush administration to pressure Chile to oppose Venezuela's bid for a seat on the United Nations security council....At a meeting of Latin American and European nations in Austria in May, President Bachelet, alluding to the growing US hostility towards the so-called "power axis" between Venezuela and Bolivia, stated: 'I would not want us to return to the cold war era where we demonise one country or another. What we have witnessed in these countries [Bolivia and Venezuela] is that they are looking for governments and leaders that will work to eradicate poverty and eliminate inequality.'"

Bachelet Refuses to Back Down to Bush


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