Friday, December 09, 2005

Many people object to The Patriot Act because, in practice, it repeals the Bill of Rights. Others view The Patriot Act as nothing more than George W. Bush’s cynical Domestic Manifesto that advocates, “Shoot first and ask questions later - if at all.
Most of us remember when London police officers chased down and shot 27 year-old Jean Charles de Menezes because they thought he was a terrorist. The London police were carrying out Tony Blair’s version of the Bush Domestic Manifesto. Of course Tony Blaire, “Bush’s lap dog,” was “dead wrong.” That is to say, the London police were wrong, and an innocent man was dead. After the hysteria subsided, the BBC reported that Menezes had nothing to do with terrorism:

Now, Bush’s ill-conceived, unjust Domestic Manifesto has brought death to an innocent man in the USA. The other day, sky marshals shot and killed 44-year-old Rigoberto Alpizar, claiming Alpizar made bomb threats.

Typically, once the hysteria subsided, a different story unfolded. Neighbors and co-workers described Alpizar as a quiet and calm man. Further, passengers aboard the plane denied Alpizar said anything about a bomb:

And yet, the Republican controlled Congress is on the verge of reenacting The Patriot Act, the most anti-American piece of legislation ever conceived in this country. Who is at risk? Well anyone and everyone, but most of all those who do not fit the jingoistic profile of a patriotic American, and especially Arabs, Latinos, Blacks, and Asians.


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