Saturday, January 07, 2006

Boustany, Armpac and an itchy federal prosecutor....

Edwin A. Buckham founded Alexander Strategy Group (ASG). AGS is a “Washington lobbying and public affairs firm expertly equipped to handle all your advocacy needs.” Hum…expertly equipped…advocacy needs?

AGS was deeply involved with Jack Abramoff. Mike Stagg, a contributor to Lafayette Democrats, has written extensively and persuasively on the entire Abramoff scandal. AGS also has bragging rights to Tom Delay. Both distinctions mean AGS is on the radar of an itchy federal prosecutor with a hire trigger for indictments.

Delay’s sudden abandonment of his bid to remain leader of the House wasn’t for the “sake of the country” as Pres. Bush claimed today. No, Delay’s move was more like a scene from the Godfather Part II when Frankie Pentangeli slits his wrist to avoid the inevitable. For Delay, the inevitable is a federal indictment by the Abramoff prosecutors.

The New York Times reported today prosecutors are now looking at the AGS-Abramoff-Delay connection, complete with a hefty salary for Delay’s wife, defrauded Indian tribes, mutual clients who gave “money and perks” to DeLay,” and AGS’ involvement with “Armpac."

Armpac, or
Americans for a Republican Majority, was critical part of the Delay political money laundering empire. And, its Armpac’s presence on the prosecutor’s radar that ought to give Rep. Charles Boustany a tummy ache.

At a recent town hall meeting, Stephen Handwerk – also a contributor to Lafayette Democrats – questioned Boustany about Armpac’s contribution to the Boustany campaign. Boustany refused to discuss the contribution except to say no one has “proven Delay’s quilt.” Maybe not, but that’s why they call it money laundering, Rep. Boustany!

Boustany told Handwerk, if the money were dirty, he’d give it back. Imagine a bank robber who, after being caught, avoids prison by giving the money back. Maybe so, but it sounds naive and disingenuous to me.


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