Wednesday, February 15, 2006

More troubling photos of torture at Abu Ghraib.....

"No, of course. We don’t torture people in America. And people who make that claim just don’t know anything about our country" Interview of the Pres. Bush by Laurence Oakes, Channel 9 TV, 18 October 2003.

But, in 2004, Prvt. Joseph Darby produced photographs to the contrary. The Bush administration, fearing exposure, ordered the Pentagon not to release the evidence.

Sen. Lindsay Graham, who was brief on the situation, called it "rape and murder."

Late last year, the ACLU won lawsuit against the Pentagon requiring them to release photos of torture in Abu Ghraib. The Pentagon appealed the decision and still hasn't produced the evidence of torture.

Today, photos surfaced in Australia, confirming Prvt. Darby's accusations of abuse. If pursued the abuse is likely to lead back to the Bush administration. One individual was deliberately shot 8 times in the buttocks:
Photographs of the abuse are available on line BUT BE WARNED THEY ARE DISTURBING!


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