Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Psst, Mr. President, your pants are on fire!

When pressed about his connection to Jack Abramoff, Pres. Bush is on record saying, "I, frankly, don't even remember having my picture taken with the guy. I don't know him…But I can't say I didn't ever meet him."

However, The Washingtonian claims (Bush and Abramoff—Say Cheese?) to have “five photos of the President with Abramoff or his family.” In one of the photos Bush and “Abramoff [are] shaking hands at a meeting in the Old Executive Office Building, where a bearded-Abramoff introduced Bush to several of the lobbyist’s native-American clients.” The Washingtonian says, “Abramoff was named a ‘pioneer’ in the Bush presidential campaign, collecting more than $100,000, in $2,000 maximum increments, for his campaign in 2004.”

The Washingtonian says, the photos are “being kept safe.” It’s said that, if asked by prosecutors, Abramoff would say “not only did he know the President, but the President knew the names of Abramoff’s children and asked about them during their meetings.”

Psst, Mr. President, your pants are on fire….


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