Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Rep. Jack Murtha vindicated: U.S. opens probe on Iraq civilian's death

Recently Rep. Jack Murtha, decorated Vietnam vet, condemned U.S. Military cover-up of the massacre of Iraqi civilians. On May 17, Murtha said the Haditha attack was far worse than originally reported. He accused U.S. troops of killing innocent women and children "in cold blood." Nearly twice as many people were killed than first reported. Murtha blamed the killings on an "overstretched and overstressed" military. See, US Rep. Jack Murtha: Evidence the US military deliberately ...
Today the U.S. military announced it was opening criminal investigation into allegations. Associated Press reports, “A preliminary investigation by Multinational Force-West found enough information to recommend an investigation by the Naval Criminal Investigation Service.”

AP further reported, “Videotape aired by an Arab television station showed images purportedly taken in the aftermath of the encounter: a bloody bedroom floor, bullet holes in walls and bodies of women and children. An Iraqi human rights group called for an investigation of what it described as another deadly mistake that had harmed civilians.”


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