Monday, February 20, 2006

Joe Scarborough, host of Scarborough Country: The man and the myth.

Joe Scarborough, host of Scarborough Country, is fond of writing about “God And Government.” That’s Scarbrough the myth. What about Scarbrough the man?

When it happened, it went unnoticed. Mainstream media rarely mentioned it. And, Fox News avoided it. At the time, Fox News was preoccupied with the Gary Condit story: Last Ride of Gary Condit? - Flight Attendant Says Condit Knows More Than Letting On - Cops Want to Interview Condit's Wife, etc

Of course, the Condit story was important. Condit was a congressman. Chandra Levy, an intern for the Federal Bureau of Prisons, had an affair with Condit, was missing and presumed dead. Without evidence, Fox concluded Condit killed Levy. And, Republicans wanted Condit's seat.

At the same time Joe Scarborough was in his second term as Republican congressman from Florida. Lori Klausutis was Scarbrough’s aide. Klausutis was found dead in Scarbrough’s Florida office. Six months before Klausutis’s death and shortly after his re-election, Scarbrough abruptly resigned his seat.

It’s reported Don Imus, of the Imus' Show, asked Scarborough, 'Don't be afraid to be funny, because you are funny. I asked you why you aren't in Congress. You said that you had sex with the intern and then you had to kill her.' It’s said, Scarborough laughed, 'Yeah, ha, ha ha, well, what are you gonna do?'"

But, the timid Mainstream media didn’t care about Lori Klausutis. Fox continued its relentless effort to get a Republican elected to Condit’s seat. And Liberal media- well, what Liberal media?


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